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"Thankyou for all your help over the past number of months, I cannot express the excitement of owning our own home and its all thanks to you."
- Louise

"You made the road to buying our home so much easier and less painful and have no hesitation what so ever in referring you to all we know. You are a gem and we appreciate it. "
- Suzanne

"Thanks very much. I am so impressed by how fast this has all happened. Thanks so much. I must also thank my husband for recommending you to me!"
- Gillian

"You are wonderful...thank you very much...As far as we are concerned, any finance in the future will be going through you!"
- Adam

Many thanks for getting me out of a hole... and into lock-up stage."
- Howard

"Our local credit union couldn't help us...but you had the loan approved in a day. Thanks for all your help."
- Roy

"Your service was outstanding...we have tried many brokers but you are the best - we tell all our friends about you!"
- Jo

"I am so glad that Florence referred me to you. Thanks for all your assistance so far. I find that you offer very prompt service and your product is very competitive. I intend to obtain all my loans through you."
- Esther

5 Ways to Improve your Borrowing Capacity

Consolidate unsecured debts (like credit card or personal loan debt) into your mortgage (as long as you have sufficient equity). By doing this, you will improve your monthly outgoings quite dramatically and therefore improve your borrowing capacity.
Reduce your unwanted credit card limits.  Most people have limits way beyond what they use and reducing these and cancelling unwanted credit cards can really make a difference to borrowing capacity.
Use the right lender and loan.  This is where a mortgage broker is very handy.  All lenders have different lending criteria and serviceability calculators and a mortgage broker has knowledge of which lender and even which loan can improve your borrowing capacity.The difference between lenders and loans can make or break a deal in many instances.
Shop around to get better rates on your existing loans. Your mortgage broker knows what is possible with most lenders and can apply for special pricing for you in a lot of instances.  If your monthly repayments on existing debt are lower, your borrowing capacity will be higher with a lot of lenders.
Keep your financials up to date. By getting your tax returns done on time (if you are self-employed), then you will have a better opportunity to borrow when you are ready to buy. If you are PAYG, then have your latest Payment Summary as well as the latest 2 payslips ready as this more accurately shows your annual income.

If you would like more information or have any questions about all this, please don't hesitate to contact me via the box below.                                                                                                                       


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